Google+ Resources

I’ve started using Google+ recently, and so far, I’m really enjoying it. It’s still in beta right now, but the amount of buzz surrounding it suggests to me that it has the potential to be around for a while AND that there is a demand for tips and tricks. I’m planning to write a more in-depth post about my experiences after our move to Florida on Friday (hence my extended absence from the blog), but right now I want to share a short list of resources for those hoping to learn more about G+. If you know of any I missed, I’d love to hear about them! G+ is pretty fun, and I’m excited to spend some time trying some of the tips and tricks these authors share! I plan on adding to this list as I learn about other resources, so make sure to check back.

Google+ for Educators: This is a Livebinder by Steven Anderson to help educators incorporate G+ into their teaching. He provides a great collection of resources from around the web, which gives educators a variety of perspectives and ideas.

28 Google+ Tips to Enhance your Google Plus Experience: This page has some good tips for G+ explained in clear language.

Google Plus Nick: A URL shortener that allows you to create a concise URL with your chosen nickname. An easy way to share your profile’s presence with others without all those numbers!

Google+ Tips and Tricks: This is an awesome collaborative Google document where people share their own tips and tricks about G+. There is a table of contents, and many, many useful ideas. It’s still open for editing, so if you have a tip that isn’t already included, consider adding it!

Today’s pro tip (via James Michie and shared by Brad Koehn): “Google+ Pro Tip: Click on the time stamp to open a post you wish to save to refer back to later. Then use the bookmarklet or extension of your choice to send it to your preferred place to save stuff. Mine’s Instapaper and I use the Google Instachrome extension:”

Google+: The Complete Guide: Mashable guide to using Google+. Great for beginners or for those looking for a few new tricks to try.

Google Plus and the Future of Sharing Educational Resources: Audrey Watters writes many a fine post for educators, and I like this one because it goes beyond providing tricks to offering a deeper perspective of how G+ might impact education.

What Do Google Execs Know about Google+ Privacy that You Don’t?: This is a short piece written to tell users how to make their information more private by disabling the ability for others outside their circles to see who they have added.

Google + Widget: This widget allows you to add G+ to your blog, which encourages your visitors to connect with you on there. I’m thinking of giving it a test run.

5 Things Google+ Does Better than Facebook and Twitter: A great list of the benefits of G+, including the author’s favorite features.

Google+ Privacy Guide: Lifehacker guide for controlling your privacy on G+. Filled with great tips!

Writers on Google+: A list of authors who want to connect with others in their field on G+.

Google+ Directory: Searchable directory of people with profiles on G+.

Librarians on Google+: List of people in LIS with profiles on G+.


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