My artistic practice is constantly evolving to incorporate new media, new techniques, and the perspectives on the world I gain through the communities I work with, the rare books I care for, and the places I travel. Each of those experiences shapes who I am as a person and as an artist. My latest series explores the intersections between my research and artistic practices, and how both come together to create a deeper understanding of the subject at hand. As with my exhibition work, I sometimes like to use a text as an anchoring point, and in this case I used Finkelstein and McCleery’s The Book History Reader (2002), whose essays were pivotal in my development as a scholar and a book artist.

The gallery below represents a small sampling of my work, which includes book art as well as mixed media pieces on canvas and wood. New work, as it is completed, is often posted on my Instagram account (@BookishJulia). I am available for commissions.

image1 (3).JPG

image1 (2).JPG







5685452228_39bdc56fc6_o.jpgimage2 (2).JPG





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