My artistic practice is constantly evolving to incorporate new media, techniques, and perspectives drawn from my own self-reflective practices as well as my travels, engagement with others, and participation in traditional foodways and other home crafts.

My latest work explores the space between two interrelated concepts, such as conjuring magic + magic as a spiritual practice, or ephemera + embodiment. I try to engage with where the two come together, and where they face irreparable differences.
I also focus heavily on identity, as in my recent project examining identity through the lens of southern roots and the meaning of food to the individual and community.

My earlier work often used a specific text or concept as an anchoring point, such as my series responding to Finkelstein and McCleery’s The Book History Reader (2002), whose essays were pivotal in my development as a scholar and artist. This approach still appears in some of my current work, and I also do standalone works on various themes.

The gallery below shows a small sampling of my work, ranging from book art to ink drawings to mixed media pieces on canvas and wood. New work, as it is completed, is often posted on my Instagram account (@BookishJulia). I am available for commissions.

To see my artist’s CV, please visit this Dropbox link. 



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