Please visit this Dropbox folder for a current version of my CV.

Some highlights:

  • Food history research and practice; hospitality industry leadership.
  • A creative and playful (but still rigorous!) approach to my work in all areas, which has led to exciting collaborations and a diverse range of community connections.
  • Interdisciplinary academic and cultural heritage experience across institutional types, with recent emphasis on museum administration during my time as a rare books curator.
  • Extensive experience in education, outreach, and public programming with an emphasis on meaningful connections and audience-building
  • Over a dozen single-author publications, in addition to collaborative research projects, informed by a range of disciplinary and methodological perspectives.
  • Curatorial experience.
  • Graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education instruction across the Social Sciences and Humanities (online and face-to-face).
  • National and international art exhibitions.
  • Extensive editorial and mentorship experience in academic publishing.


The face behind the CV

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