Expert Witness

Expert witnesses like myself provide opinions in legal cases based on their expertise, case evidence, and in some cases their own additional research into the case’s subject. They can be hired by the plaintiff or the defense.

I am happy to serve in cases where expertise is needed in relation to historical research, food, archival research, and publishing or publishing history. 

I have a PhD in Library and Information Science, run an award-winning business that offers research and consulting, and have used my research experience to write over a dozen books and peer-reviewed articles, in addition to serving as an editor for multiple publications. 

I help clients research the history of brands and public figures, trace the histories of specific ingredients and the development of food products, and conduct archival research for other cases where historical and research expertise are required. 

I am happy to serve in any capacity beyond this (e.g. in the publishing history of a specific book) where my services can be useful. 

My work is backed by over a decade of rigorous experience and undergirded by my time spent in leadership positions in archives and libraries, giving me a deep understanding of how materials are organized, where to find them, and what questions to ask to uncover answers. 

I can provide testimony not only on my findings (e.g., on the role of an individual in the food and beverage industry during their lifetime), but also on my methodology and on the research and analysis process overall.

Click these links to visit my Seak Expert Witness Directory listing, as well as my JurisPro listing. You can learn more about my work through my CV, or contact me to set up a call.

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