Current Projects

There are so many exciting things to learn in LIS that I feel like I am always starting a new project! Here are some of the ones I’m engaged in currently:

Formal and Informal Publications

Hack Library School: I have been writing for HLS since it started last year, and we’ve had a huge response (we even won a blogging award!) Since I’m going to be busy with my doctoral program, I have transitioned from being a regular contributor to a mentorship role where I help one of our excellent new writers learn the ropes. I’ll still be writing from time to time, especially since I am the only doctoral student currently on the HLS team!

I’m also a reviewer at various journals.

Research Projects/Coursework

Information needs of sexual assault survivors: I am currently working on model building and study design with my advisor.  There is not really any research in this area, and supporting survivors is near and dear to my heart, so I’m looking forward to working in this area.

Social media research: I’ve published and presented on this a bit, but Gary Burnett and I (my fellow researcher and presenter on this project) are going to write up our findings on Information Worlds and the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Facebook pages soon. I also am involved in a collaboration with another SLIS student and some folks over in the Education department to look at Twitter use during natural disasters.

Historical research: I’m going to be looking at historical materials for my dissertation, which will focus on the community-building activities of a librarian who worked in public libraries with immigrants on the Lower East Side, and later worked in Harlem. I’m excited to see what I find!

Other projects: My other current projects include a literature review I’m writing about the use of the theory of hegemony in LIS research, which will include the model I built last spring, and a literature review on  metadata in cultural heritage settings.

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