11 things–(un)related to libraries

Yesterday, Heidi Schutt (@hfkittle, for all you librarians on Twitter) wrote a post telling her readers a bit more about herself, and so I am doing the same. Here goes!

11 random things about me

 1. The only hard thing about moving to Tallahassee was the realization that I could no longer walk everywhere.
2. My favorite non-LIS job was bus driving.
3. I like to spend my days off  cooking, gardening, and canning food.
4. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.
5. I have three cats: Queequeg, Gir, and Mouse (a.k.a. Professor Butterscotch)
6.  I am working on three different research projects right now.
7.  At one point, I planned to move to England and open a bookstore/coffeehouse.
8. I prefer vintage clothes to new clothes.
9. I still miss living near the mountains (I grew up in Boulder, CO).
10. I like a really wide range of music: everything from Afghan folk music to early Metallica.
11. I am hoping to have the rest of my back tattooed by the end of the summer.

11 answers to 11 questions

1. What vegetable could you NOT live without? I don’t think I can narrow it down to even a handful of veggies. The only one I don’t really like is green bell pepper, and even that is OK if it’s cooked in something.
2. What’s your earliest memory of a library? I loved my elementary school library! I remember trying to raise money for the library by selling cookies or lemonade or something. I only raised $2 and some change, but I was super proud of myself. Especially when they published a little blurb in the school newsletter about it.
3. If you could revisit somewhere you’ve already visited, where would you go and why? This is another difficult one, but probably the Scottish highlands. It’s such a beautiful place and I feel really peaceful when I’m there (it’s also where a good chunk of my ancestors are from).
4. What 2 people would you take with you to revisit that place? These are all such hard questions! I can think of a handful of friends and family right off the bat that would be excellent travel partners. To go to Scotland, I bet it would be fun to take my mom and grandma.
5. Do you prefer to swim in lakes, a pool or the ocean? Why? Lakes and/or ocean, because it usually coincides with a fun outdoor activity (like camping) that I’m engaging in with people I love to be around.
6. Are you an early bird or a night owl? I can be either: my sleep schedule switches around quite a bit.
7. When and where did you learn to ride a bike? Some time in the future…
8. You and only you are being sent to an island furnished with food, water and shelter for a lifetime – what 3 comfort items do you bring with you? My computer, some setup to access the internet, my pets (unless they don’t count as comfort items, at which point I would say my favorite books).
9. What’s your all-time favorite television show? Probably Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Or Red Dwarf.
10. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. The really dark and yummy stuff.
11. What’s your favorite board game? I haven’t played board games in quite a while, although I feel like I enjoyed Chutes and Ladders and Monopoly when I was a kid.

11 questions for my fellow bloggers

1. Have you ever felt a strong pull to travel to a certain place? Where? Did you end up visiting?
2.  What was your favorite job outside of a library? Why?
3. What author would you want to sit and have a conversation with? Why?
4. What are the three things in LIS (or whatever field you consider yourself a part of) that you are most passionate/excited about?
5. Have you ever published any of your writing?
6. Do you like penguins?
7. Do you have tattoos?
8. Which of your gadgets (phone, tablet, etc) do you use the most?
9. What was your favorite subject in school?
10. What US town or city do you most want to visit?
11. How much time do you spend outdoors in a given week?

Now it’s your turn to write a post: write 11 things, answer my questions, then write new questions to share. I’d love it if you shared the link to your post with me when you’re done: I feel like I know a lot about the professional lives of my fellow libraryland writers, but less so about your lives outside of the library!


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