Funding Opportunities, Week of 12/25

So I haven’t posted one of these in a while, but here are a few things I thought might be helpful for readers. As always, share any you know of in the comments!

International Opportunities
Mellon Dissertation Fellowships:  For those needing to conduct research in the UK.
Arnot Memorial Fellowship: For an Australian student in Library & Information Science.
Post-Doctoral Fellowship: University of Toronto Centre for Jewish Studies.
Rowntree Trust grants: For work that promotes peace.
Jacyk Program: For the study of the Ukraine.

Arts and Humanities
Directing Fellowships: Manhattan Theatre Club.
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Race and Gender history.
Short term research grants: In Atlantic history.
Emory Library: Short term fellowships for use of the collections.
American Historical Association: Fellowships.

Morris Arboretum: Internships.
Morris Arboretum Rose Garden: Internships.
Grants: Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians.


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