Center for the Book reception

On Saturday, myself and three other students (Lee Marchalonis, Zach Stensen and Jill Kambs) had a reception to showcase our final projects for the Center for the Book. We had an amazing turnout, and I enjoyed spending time chatting both with folks from the Center and from the wider community about the Modernizing Markham project. Not surprisingly, people were most interested in the book history component (i.e. my use of historically accurate materials) and in how I played with modernizing recipes in a historic book (and with historic materials in a digital environment). I also created ductus for a calligraphic hand that I used to write the book, and that was a lot of fun to talk about. Some folks were also interested in the recipes themselves, but for the most part interest was centered around the book arts! I also took some photos of the event for those who want to take a look!


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