Current food events

I have been posting more art stuff and less food stuff lately, but the food stuff is still happening. Here’s a quick run down:

-A dear friend and I have decided to conduct a study on the archaeological evidence on my property of foodways past. My yard has the remains of lots of former buildings, as well as the remains of many past pig roasts, etc., so I’m gathering and labeling bones in the bit of landscaping I’m doing, and then we’ll do a more comprehensive exploration later.

-I’m still plugging away at my next book, due to be published by Rowman and Littlefield next year. As with any research project, there are a million rabbit holes I want to go down that I just don’t have the space for–once I get a second to come up for air from writing the book I’ll get back to blogging about all the cool stuff I’m finding

-I’m bringing this 1615 wafer recipe to the holiday celebration for the prison classroom next month, which is a great opportunity to connect food history to some of the early modern lit and history they’ve been working with. Added bonus: If you click the link you can enjoy my neglected old food blog I made for my first book.

-In totally random news, I was interviewed for Mel Magazine.  I appear at the very end, but the sources I pointed to in my interview are scattered throughout. It also made an appearance in the Dollar Shave Club newsletter, so same story, two different pubs (but owned by the same folks). Enjoy!


Nothing gets an author excited like…

…a shiny new LOC name authority! My book had been listed under another Julia Skinner (who oddly enough also has written books about English food history), but the good folks at Library of Congress were very helpful and got my work disambiguated quickly.

Celebrating tonight with whatever the appropriate food/beverage combo  is for such an occasion!

A very old pie

The kind folks from FoodStuff came by recently so we could make an apple pie recipe from the 1600s and talk a bit about the history of cookbooks, recipe layout, and more (remember the Modernizing Markham project I did years ago? This recipe is from there). You can see the video on YouTube or their Facebook page, as well as link out to their full podcast on the history of apple pie.

I brought a copy of The English Housewife along to show them (before my hands were covered in flour), and it was exciting to do a food history thing to go along with my most recent hospitality industry collaborations, which have been beverage-oriented. Enjoy!