About Me

In my daytime hours, I’m the Rare Books Curator at the Bentley Rare Book Museum. I direct all aspects of the museum, including acquisitions, curating exhibits, building outreach programs, teaching classes, collections maintenance, planning and project management, and more. I live on the south side of Atlanta, where I spend a lot of my time gardening, cooking, and getting outdoors when I’m not traveling or out doing something in the community.

I received my doctorate in Information Studies from Florida State University. Most of my research focuses on how changes occur in various contexts, and my work cuts across several disciplinary areas in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Some of my research has a historical focus, and my social science research focuses on change in 20th century libraries. I also have done some theory testing and theory building, which you can learn more about here and here. I also do research on culinary history, studying English cookery and household At ALISE, sharing our fun Cats in Space project. If you see me at a conference, come say hello!manuals and their relationship to readers and food culture of today.
I also research contemporary issues, including social media (the ‘change’ component of that comes in by seeing how people use social media in times of change and uncertainty, like political uprisings and natural disasters), and information seeking behavior (I am a part of a theory building project to model the information seeking behaviors of sexual assault survivors so we can provide information in the ways they need during the healing process). Finally, in keeping with the theory use/testing, I am a part of a group called 3 Js and a G, where we engaged in collaborative theory work on three very separate dissertation projects.

For other aspects of my professional life, I develop exhibits and engage in outreach related to the Bentley, as well as all the other aspects of caring for and building our collections (cataloging, acquisitions, plans for care and cleaning, etc.) Outreach is one of my passions, and you’ll notice that many of my recent posts deal with the outreach program I’ve built to support underserved communities.

I also love teaching, and feel incredibly fortunate to regularly work with amazing and inspiring students and colleagues. I teach classes at several universities for undergraduates and graduate students.

When I’m not at my day job, I am usually cooking or growing food, making art, or traveling. These have a lot of overlap with my professional world, but are also their own distinct things, and it’s fun to get to relax and have the space to explore new interests. You can learn more about my art and food as you click around the blog!

I get really excited about the work I’m doing, and equally excited to hear about others’ thoughts and projects, so please feel free to contact me!


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3 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Julia! I am an author representative, and was wondering what kind of books you enjoy reviewing. We have a litany of self-published works and award winners. My e-mail address is: kweaver@blessingway.com. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Have a terrific day,
    Karen Weaver

  2. Jamie Marteney

    Hi Julia, I am a college student in Colorado. I am doing a research paper and I am using your paper about understanding the information needs of sexual assault survivors. I was curious what made you interested in the ISSAS model?

    • juliaskinner

      Hi! I would recommend reading our paper on the ISSAS model to learn more about it–we decided to create the model based on some considerable gaps in the research.

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